0% financing »Easy to explain: how it works

LOAN Who actually pays 0% financing? A 0% financing is a common selling point of furniture dealers, kitchen sellers or electronics shops: finance your purchase for 0% and pay for the goods over several years. Sounds simple. But who is a zero-percent financing worth? The cost of a 0% financing is usually borne by the […]

TinkerCredit »Without credit score & 100% Anonymous

  For a TinkerCredit, the bank does not come from Germany but from Switzerland or the nearer foreign countries. Swiss banks check their credit rating differently than German banks. As a result, many borrowers who wish to borrow despite their poor credit ratings are more successful with foreign banks. Many German banks reject borrowers with […]

5000 Euro Credit »Immediately 5000 Euro to the account

 5000 Euro Credit – Serious & Fast   Just 5,000 euros to have is practical: finance a move, plan the next vacation or just fulfill a long-awaited wish. The savings are not always enough to settle any costs immediately. For many of the planned expenses, however, a quick loan is enough to build up a […]

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