Finance your purchases through savings rather than loans

There are many things we people want to be able to afford, which may be a little extra obvious ahead of Christmas when there is so much you want under the Christmas tree and on the Christmas table, etc. However, how you choose to get the things you want can vary. Two common alternatives, which […]

How to read credit card bills

Whether you have a big limit or a small one, whether you have multiple credit cards or just one, you still get a statement of account every month. The majority of the surveys have the same structure and present the information in the same way. On the other hand, all these statements have one thing […]

How to Save Money with Small Expenses!

    Anyone who has ever wondered where your payment went can be sure that you are not alone. Most of us spend money on small expenses that may seem insignificant but over time slowly drain our funds. While the habit of drinking coffee and eating cheesecake before work for only $ 5 every day […]


Bonus payments There are electricity providers who grant new customers a bonus. This is usually paid out after the first year of the contract or offset against the first annual statement. Since a bonus payment usually only occurs once, the electricity costs decrease in the first year after a provider change. If a bonus is […]

0% financing ┬╗Easy to explain: how it works

LOAN Who actually pays 0% financing? A 0% financing is a common selling point of furniture dealers, kitchen sellers or electronics shops: finance your purchase for 0% and pay for the goods over several years. Sounds simple. But who is a zero-percent financing worth? The cost of a 0% financing is usually borne by the […]

TinkerCredit ┬╗Without credit score & 100% Anonymous

  For a TinkerCredit, the bank does not come from Germany but from Switzerland or the nearer foreign countries. Swiss banks check their credit rating differently than German banks. As a result, many borrowers who wish to borrow despite their poor credit ratings are more successful with foreign banks. Many German banks reject borrowers with […]

5000 Euro Credit ┬╗Immediately 5000 Euro to the account

 5000 Euro Credit – Serious & Fast   Just 5,000 euros to have is practical: finance a move, plan the next vacation or just fulfill a long-awaited wish. The savings are not always enough to settle any costs immediately. For many of the planned expenses, however, a quick loan is enough to build up a […]

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