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For a TinkerCredit, the bank does not come from Germany but from Switzerland or the nearer foreign countries. Swiss banks check their credit rating differently than German banks. As a result, many borrowers who wish to borrow despite their poor credit ratings are more successful with foreign banks. Many German banks reject borrowers with a negative credit score entry flat rate. Even with a bad credit score, borrowing is difficult. The financial situation is not considered more closely. Swiss banks do not use credit score when checking the loan, but check whether the borrower has, for example, a secure employment relationship. Therefore, it is important to always apply for credit from a reputable provider or intermediary. A broker who credibly brokers a loan without credit score will never force you to pay pre-payments or prepayments.

Our promise: no credit – no costs 

  • No costs
  • No third party products (insurance, etc.)
  • No advertising in the mailbox
  • No telephone terror
  • No dubious financing partner

Apply for TinkerCredit without credit score – that’s what we offer 

1. Apply for credit

Complete the application in 2 minutes and receive your instant confirmation.

2. Finish application

Complete the documents online – without any pre-charge.

3. Receive credit

After verification, you will receive the payment of your TinkerCredit immediately.

TinkerCredit – what are the requirements 

The conditions for a TinkerCredit are different than for a classic installment loan from the bank. The decision is based here not on credit score entries or credit bureaus, but on their personal situation. The criteria include, among others

  • majority
  • German residence and German bank account
  • Regular income
  • Sufficient creditworthiness (even with bad credit score)
  • Valid identification document

To check the loan, the current credit rating is considered, regardless of the credit history. Over-indebted persons or persons without income (eg unemployed) also have no chance with the loan despite credit score or the credit with negative credit score. Basically, you should compare different loans and look at their personal financial situation before borrowing. If you already spend more than 50% of your net income on loan installments, you should not accept any further loans.

Tips for credit score free credit 

The credit score – the so-called “protection community for general credit protection” is a private-sector institute that has a large amount of information on the ability to pay for consumption in Germany. In principle, it can be assumed that the creditworthiness of credit score is checked every time a mobile phone contract is concluded, every time a loan is taken out and every online purchase is made on installments. As a result, credit score receives a huge amount of information from its contractors. These can be banks or insurance companies, but also communication companies like Telekom. For this reason, you get a negative credit score entry if, for example, the mobile phone bill has not paid or does not pay a fee for the gym. Unpaid bills often lead to a negative credit score entry, which reduces the creditworthiness of future partners, such as banks or insurance companies. Therefore, a loan with credit score is often difficult.

The alternative: credit from abroad without credit score

A credit comparison of different types of loans pays off, even with bad credit. To compare loans different loan types must be considered. These include, inter alia, the “private credit”, the “credit without credit score” (also known as “credit with credit score” or “TinkerCredit”) or the so-called “borrow money”. The private loan comes from private individuals. The advantage may be that the loan gets by without credit score information, because the money comes directly from private individuals who can take more risk. The “Non-credit score Credit” may be different from “credit score Credit” or “credit score Credit”. The loan without credit score means that when the credit is not the credit score is reported or no credit score extract is drawn. In the case of credit despite credit score, the requesting bank checks the credit score, but also forgives a loan despite negative credit score. This applies to specific credit providers from home and abroad. A credit comparison is also worthwhile here. When borrowing money, the examination is different than the classic loan. Since the amounts are lower, ” borrow money ” should always be considered as an alternative to credit comparison.

Errors about the credit score

Error number 1: The credit score is a debt collection company

Not correct. credit score is not a debt collection company but a credit bureau that keeps information about the creditworthiness of individuals and companies. It does not act as collection or debtor company but stores information and makes it available to various contracting parties.

Error number 2: The credit score stores only negative information

Not correct. credit score stores a large amount of information on private individuals and companies in Germany. A credit score file may contain information about loans already taken out and repaid, information about negative features, existing current accounts or even completely empty, if a customer does not have any open entries.

Error number 3: The credit score does not delete any data
This too is a mistake. On the one hand, various credit score entries, including negative ones, are deleted, even without a specific request. In addition, anyone can view his data at the credit score and delete any misstatements. Further information here: Delete negative credit score entry.